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Trauma is Weird, man. . .

Contributor: Bennett Jones                Published:   2017   March 31

So, I’ve had strong intentions of remaining connected to those in my network in different disciplines.  It’s sort of one of those beautiful things about knowing people in different professions.  People often make jokes about different trades.  For example, you may wonder whether an engineer sees a glass of water as half full or half empty.  The answer to the riddle, if you can call it that, is that the engineer responds that the container is twice the size that it needs to be.

While it seems light and playful, I really find joy in maintaining meaningful connections with people in different fields.  Through one of my friends in the field of breath work and yoga, I learned of a book called Pain is Really Strange.  Scholarly books are interesting to me, but this had a cartoon-like style to it which drew me in.  As I opened the pages, I noticed that this book conveyed very academically complicated concepts into visuals for one to digest visually.  I later found that a complementary book was published, called Trauma is Really Strange.  As complicated as our minds can be, this book dares to dive in to explaining how some of the connections work with the mind and body, when a traumatic event is experienced.  It is especially impressive how the concepts are demonstrated without oversimplifying things. prs-out-now-v1

The book is from England, but is well circulated within the United States (unlike books that require hefty shipping due to their international shipping).  I plan to explore different ways I can demonstrate idiosyncratic and nuanced psychological phenomena in a similar fashion to author Steve Haines and illustrator, Sophie Standing.

I will share more if I begin any writings along these lines, but until then I would like to recommend this book to any professional (be it physician, chiropractor, yoga teacher or psychotherapist).

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