Photo Credit: Yee Ling Photography, MN

A Little About Me 

I am a clinical therapist providing counseling services to children, teens and adults in the Twin Cities.  Inner Wellness, LLC is the business entity, associated with the therapy services I provide.  My services are provided in a clinic setting.  In early December, I began professional sabbatical, which has afforded me time to focus on my professional development.

My Thoughts on Therapy 

My inspiration comes from the individuals I work with.  Through my experience, I’ve found that there is true power in telling one’s story.  Therapy is a great way to explore our experiences.  Consider it a path in which to look at where life has led us and how relationships have cultivated our growth. It provides an opportunity to dream how things could be, if only we integrate all the parts of ourselves.

I strongly believe in relationships and when we truly look at the connections in our lives, they are the air we breathe.  Everywhere, we connect.  I would be honored to connect with you!  It would bring me great satisfaction, to be included in this transformation with you. As we navigate terrain of mind-body-spirit, with the directing light of our greatest gift, the present moment.


Bachelor of Science – Human Development & Family Studies, University of Wisconsin, Stout

Master of Social Work – Multicultural Clinical Practice, Augsburg College


Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (L.I.C.S.W.), Minnesota
Bennett Jones MSW, LICSW verified by


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