General Information on Mental Health Topics:

NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness


Crisis Resources for Mental Health Emergency:

Crisis Resources (Chat or Phone)                            Lifeline Online Support

Hope Line – Online Crisis Network               

Crisis Connection: 24 hour mental health help [Twin Cities]   Phone:  (612) 379-6363


Information & Resources for Victims of Trauma:

National Institute of Mental Health (info & resources)

Mindfulness Meditations – courtesy of UCLA-Health

Free Meditations (audio & transcripts)

Guided Imagery and Relaxation tracks – courtesy of Dartmouth College

Guided-Imagery, Relaxation & other audio


Benefits of Yoga & Psychotherapy:

5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health


Links provided on this page are for general information purposes and should be considered as resources.  It is not intended to be medical or mental health “advice” or as a substitute for professional medical attention.  If you have medical concerns, please contact your medical professional or facility for evaluation.