My experience has shown me that therapy cannot be one-size fits all.  Every individual has unique ways in which they learn, whether it is spoken, visual, experiential or a combination of those.  People also conceptualize things differently.  Some people resonate with metaphors, while others see things in a more concrete way.  I see these differences as a good thing, that should be celebrated.  For this reason, I do not utilize the same approach to counseling with every person.

While I do adapt my work to fit the individuals I work with, I do practice with an understanding that there are different ways that counseling can be used.  Some of them are short-term and others span a longer time-frame.  Regardless of the path, I believe that an understanding of our earliest experiences gives us immense freedom.    While understanding key stressors in the day-to-day can be fruitful, certain conditions require more exploration.

I believe we all carry a story, which has value, which is why I was drawn to certain elements of Narrative Therapy, which was started in Australia and New Zealand.  My training includes a lot of different pieces of counseling work and I hope to share some of them with you (or your loved one).